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Fascia communicates

Fascia connects everything in the body, and communicates through an electrical circuit. Thousands of years ago, Chinese medicine discovered this electrical connectivity or qi (pronounced “chi”) and developed a mapping of energy meridians in our bodies. Fascia integrates the nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems in our bodies, and the meridians run through our fascial planes. Energy flows in the path of least resistance. When fascia is dense and dysfunctional, qi is stagnated. When we we begin to free up the fascia, the energy can pass through previously stuck tissues, which means…

Healthier Fascia = Healthier Body

Not only do we remove dense fascia and scar tissue (thereby removing pain and improving true flexibility), we also directly affect the health of our organs through the meridian fascial pathways. The result?

More energy, less stress, better digestion and sleep, improved posture, less pain and stiffness (happy joints), and we gain true flexibility. For more questions, check out the FAQ.

Wait, is fascia a bad thing?

No! Fascia literally holds us together. Our bones and organs are held together in the structure created by our fascia. And, fascia is the master connector and communicator in our bodies. In short, we need our fascia – and our fascia needs us – we need it working for us, not against us! So which will it be…

Fascia-friend or fascia-foe?

Everything we do in life shapes our fascia. When the body’s immune systems lays down this fascia in response to repetitive movements and traumas (emotional and physical), the tissue becomes stuck, tough, densified, dehydrated, and dysfunctional.

Fascia is unbelievably strong, so when this happens (and if we are alive, it happens!), fascia becomes our foe. We experience stiffness, nagging pains, and other health concerns. When we engage our tissues with Fascia FLO, we begin to engage this uncooperative fascia, restructuring it to become our fascia-bestie once again.

How to make fascia your friend?

Ok, then what even is Fascia FLO?

Fascia FLO is a movement system with a simple, yet incredibly effective formula. Fascia is interconnected, and the energy is ever-flowing. When we move in this way we engage the fascia, giving us the ability to reconfigure it and make it healthier. This is not traditional stretching and not yoga, and you don’t need experience to start.

FLO is not a typo

FLO is an acronym for our movement formula:


The target muscle is flexed, or contracted.


We then then lengthen (eccentric contraction) while maintaining resistive force.


Once resistance diminishes, the movement ends and the stretch is repeated, making adjustments as needed.

It’s this resistance with the lengthening of the muscle that engages the fascia and thereby enables the fascial restructuring.

I’m interested, but can I do this in my 60s? 70s? Or older?

Yes! You can do this at any age. There are Fascia FLO classes using chairs and involving standing poses, so if you don’t like to be on your knees or on the floor, you can still find FLO options to suit your needs. As we age, the fascia naturally becomes less hydrated and ‘stuck’. This is exactly what we need to age gracefully – even backwards!

Excited? You Should Be

More questions? This page should have your answer.

Want to see it in action?

The 5 minute video below will give you a taste of what’s to come.

Hi, I’m Dreena and I’m passionate helping others live with optimal health and vitality.

For the last 30 years I’ve been devoted to wellness through a nutrient-rich diet. In that time, I’ve written six solo cookbooks and partnered with a well-known physician on two other books. My work has been featured on well-known sites like Blue Zones, The Food Network, and The Food Revolution Network, and Forks Over Knives.

My journey in wellness began in my early 20s. I was young and yet my body felt heavy, painful, and lethargic. I discovered a plant-based diet and enjoyed renewed energy and lightness – until my 40s.

My joints were beginning to hurt. Not all of them, just the ones from overuse: my right shoulder and neck, and low right sacrum.

I’ve been exercising since my teen years, and have learned a great deal about movement and anatomy through my decades of exercise. In my 40s, I became certified to teach yoga, and immersed myself in exercise modalities that would assist my nagging pain points.

The pain points didn’t fully go away, but I was functioning and some days were better than others. So I figured perhaps this was just part of aging.

By 50, I was seeking many different treatments (Chiro, massage, physio, prolotherapy) to manage the pain, as well as supplements, lotions, and creams. Prolotherapy was very effective, but even with that the pain would creep back a week or two after treatment.

Then I learned about fascia, and how to FLO. Now I have freedom in my neck, shoulders, and sacrum… and I have the tools to personally sustain these changes.

This is the most powerful tool I have discovered since changing my diet. It feels great to feel great again! I want to help you do the same. When you take care of your fascia, it truly takes care of you.

A moment to express gratitude to my teachers: John, Sita, Bon, and of course, Bob Cooley